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What is Non-Sterile Compounding?

Non-Sterile Compounding is the preparations of the drug in which the drug itself is compounded.

Each pharmacy that handles Non-Sterile compounding must adhere to <USP> 795 set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration.

When making a non-sterile compound, the drug that is being made is not suitable for eyes or injection. Non-Sterile compounds are measured and dosed to have the right amount of drug to be suitable for any person or pets needs.

Most forms of compounds that are non-sterile include:

  • Liquids - Liquids can be flavored or colored

  • Capsules - Capsules come in a wide range of sizes and can also be colored to be different from other compounded capsules

  • Creams & Ointments - Creams & Ointments can be created to help a patient with dry skin, poison ivy, sun burn, or eczema 

  • Shampoo - Shampoos can be created to help someone with dry scalp or thinning hair

What can't be Non-Sterile Compounded

Sterile Compounds are medications that can harm the patient if not compounded correctly

Sterile Compounding include the following:

  • Sterile Eye Ointments/Drops

  • Injections

    • Weight Loss Injections​

    • IV/Drip Bags

  • Inhalations

  • Certain Nasal Sprays

Lee Davis Pharmacy cannot compound sterile compounds at this time. We do recommend people who ask regarding sterile compounding to either call Rx3 or Bremo Pharmacy for their sterile compounding needs.

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